A little bit About us

Al Mustafa Society of Syracuse is a not for profit corporation as defined by Article 1, section 2 of the New York State Religious Corporation Law. The Society is organized exclusively for religious purposes and plans to open a community center for the furtherance of its religious purposes. The Society’s budget is funded by charitable donations made by community members who currently consist of about eighty members, more than half are women and children.

Our Activities

  • With regard to religion, we are an Islamic based corporation and we practice Shiaa Islam. We wish to establish and maintain a facility for the worship of God and for the promotion of the Muslim life and mission. We plan to hold religious services for our members and their families. We plan to teach the tenants of and practice of our faith and celebrate religious holidays.
  • With regard to education, we plan to hold Arabic language class for our children. Children will learn to read the Quran and study Islam and specifically the Shiaa faith during weekends and school breaks. We plan to have an afterschool or evening tutoring program for our school age youth to bolster their academic performance in school.
  • An essential element of our faith is community service. With regard to community service we plan to foster a relationship with the neighborhood and encourage our members to volunteer in the neighborhood where our society will be located. We intend to assist our members to become self-reliant and teach job readiness. The society will also plan to assist our individuals through the immigration and naturalization process including applications and citizenship test.

The activities outlined above will be offered free of charge. Our Society is a volunteer corporation that seeks to serve the families and members of our Society and the greater Syracuse community. Our mission is service oriented and we are honored to be welcomed into Syracuse, a city of rich immigrant tradition and pride.

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Our Schedule

Prayer Timings


Dawn Prayer 3:39 AM


Sunrise Time 5:12 AM


Noon Prayer 12:03 PM


Afternoon Prayer 3:52 PM


Sunset Prayer 7:13 PM


Evening Prayer 8:15 PM

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